Creating Innovative 3D Web Experiences


Creativity, an eye for detail and a love for design in UI/UX and programming. When applied to your products it results in a premium experience for you and your clients.

Jacco Goris

As a digital native, I started exploring the digital world from a very young age. Starting with games like Pyjama Sam and Freddy Fish, Age of empires, etc, I rolled into some basic programming, teaching myself some basic programming when I was a little older.

In high school I developed a taste for 3D work and started 3D-modeling a lot with Blender, getting to know the community and learning how to think in 3D.

This came together later in life when I went to college and was able to combine my interest in games, 3D and programming. I graduated as bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment in 2012, majoring in Game Development. So basically I was classically schooled in C++ and C#, picked up some java along the way and learned the ropes in DirectX and WebGL. Everything in real time.

While in school I interned in a company then known as Playlane. Currently, Playlane has been acquired by Cartamundi and has become Cartamundi Digital. There I focussed primarily on iOS development and creating apps and games for kids. I had a great time there but then, seemingly out of nowhere, I embarked on the biggest adventure of my life.

Seattle Skyline from the Space Needle - by Riet Mortier

I was contacted by Darrick Morrison, in need of a 3D Web Programmer and wanting to start a business. Darrick, ex-Amazon wasn't able to push his idea of full 3D customer experiences at amazon and decided to found his own company. after a couple of times back and forth, I decided to join him and we founded Prizmiq. Since then I flew back and forth beween the US and Belgium once in a while for about a year. Meanwhile I schooled myself into a frontend developer, learning as much as I could about the web. It was a very enriching experience and I met a lot of wonderful people. Friends for life.

Later, I was at an co-working space in Belgium and I met a few other young, bright minds who wanted to disrupt the real estate space with 360 degrees photography. This eventually became Around Media, where I currently am. And it has been a hell of a ride since!